Daily Message ~ Monday January 4, 2016

If you are wishing to manifest a divine love partnership, one of the most helpful things you can do is to acknowledge that person already exists and then incorporate them into your life energetically. Meditate and ask to connect with that person. Feel their energy. Try not to force them into being anyone specific, just concentrate on how they feel loving and wonderful. If you are having trouble not attaching to how they look, simply imagine them standing behind you, holding you in their arms lovingly.

When you go to bed, imagine curling up with your beloved. When you wake up, say good morning to them energetically. Send them love and encouragement throughout the day.

This technique works very well because it allows you to experience for yourself that the one you seek is out there. Then, by starting to nurture the relationship energetically, you are making the choice to be love, to hold the energy of what you desire, which then activates the manifestation process. It is a beautiful, effective tool that anyone can use, very easily, that will powerfully allow you to shift your focus onto the connection that already exists, rather than the lack of love in your life, which can then only draw it to you in physical form. ~Archangel Gabriel

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