Daily Message ~ Monday July 8, 2013

Many of the human beings on the planet are incarnate in order to be of service. Often times, this results in them being tremendously compassionate and forgiving towards others, while holding themselves to impossibly high standards. The time has come for you to celebrate yourselves and the difference you make on the planet! Further, your loving service must apply to ALL and that includes yourself. Many of you aren’t sure how to be of service to yourself. It is simply applying the loving advice, nurturing, encouragement and forgiveness you so naturally give to others, to yourself. If you have something you are feeling bad about, think of what advice you would give a beloved who was in the same situation. Then take that loving advice and apply to self! And while you are at it, loosen up and have a little fun as well! You are all doing a remarkable job and it is time to move forward into the energies of joyful service for the upliftment of everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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