Daily Message ~ Monday June 10, 2013

If you are the creator of your life expression, how can anything be wrong?

Think of a bunch of small children in a kindergarden class who are painting. They are such pure expressions of energy, these children. They walk up to their blank paper on the easel, brush in hand, and they excitedly throw themselves into the process of creation. Some are very pleased with what they create and proudly display it for all to see. Others realize that swirling all the colours together didn’t give a pleasing effect so they throw their painting out and decide never to do that again. But not one of them think their lives are ruined due to their creations – they simply will create similarly or differently next time. Are any of these beloved, young children wrong for whatever they painted? Of course not! They were merely having experiences.

It is the same way for each and every one of you, Dear Ones. If you do not like what you have painted on your canvas, get a new one and and create something that more closely matches what you want. The good news? There is an endless supply of canvas, paint and inspiration in the universe and you are all honoured and supported for your efforts, however they turn out. ~Archangel Gabriel

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