Daily Message – Monday June 11

Most humans, by the time they are adults, have a story. People wave their stories like flags, they use it as a means of identifying themselves and it is usually based on perceived harm or injustice. We understand that the end of a relationship, or abandonment as a child, or illness that you have battled are huge defining events for you. But Dear Ones, please do not let them be the way you see yourselves for the rest of your incarnation! You have become so used to being those stories that they are blocking you from having the full life experience the Now has to offer you. What story are you holding onto? What if you just let it go? Why not live today as if it never happened? How different would your life experience be if you retained the gift of the experience but not the wound? The time is now to release anything that is keeping you from shining as your most glorious self.
~Archangel Gabriel

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