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Daily Message ~ Monday June 13, 2022

As you move into the energies of the new, you are very much pioneers. When you pioneer, you are exploring. You move beyond the ideas of good or bad, right or wrong, success or failure, into the acceptance that all your experiences have value.

Let us suppose that you are a pioneer in a new land looking for water. You decide to go to your left. As you explore that direction you realize that there is a cliff there and no water source at all. That is valuable information! You will remember in the future that going to the left cannot provide you what you seek. This will allow you a more direct route to water when you discover where it is. It will also help others know that is not the direction to take if you are looking for water. You are getting used to navigating without a map because you are the creators of the maps!

This is a beautiful example of how your curiosity and explorations serve not only you but also the whole. You are entering previously unexplored energies on your planet right now. Be curious! Know that all experiences have great value for you. And rest easy that as you find your way, you will make the way much easier for those who will one day want to walk in your footsteps. This is such an exciting time on your planet, where much will be discovered and those discoveries will serve many generations to come. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

It was such a joy to teach the Divine Combination series over the past 6 weeks! If you have missed any of the classes and wish you had attended, you can purchase any replay that interests you for $40 USD. If you had purchased a single class and wish you had bought the entire series, no problem! I am happy to give you credit for what you already paid towards the cost of the whole series which is $200 USD.

The classes were as follows:

Week One – An overview of the Divine Combination and the elements of Surrender and Faith
Week Two – Flow
Week Three – Trust
Week Four – Acceptance and Allowing
Week Five – Patience, Peace, and Beingness
Week Six – Purpose, Direction, and Evolution

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any or all of the series, please email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com.



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