Daily Message ~ Monday June 16, 2014

Dear Ones, unconditional love is your natural state of being. When you return to Source after you transition from the body, you move back, fully, into seeing everything through the eyes of unconditional love. Because of this, your loved ones who have passed over only see you through complete understanding, compassion and love.

How can you start looking at life with those eyes of unconditional love? By willingly placing yourself in the alignment of Source before you make any decisions or judgments. How do you place yourself in alignment with Source? Through meditation, prayer, or any other activity that allows you to shift more into your highest seIf. If you have a problem, or what you consider to be an issue with another, find your alignment and look at it from there. From that higher energetic space, you will be far better able to see the true essence of the situation.

More importantly, start looking at yourself through those same loving eyes, and you will finally allow yourself to bloom and heal beyond any old blockages with the acceptance, support and love you have always deserved, and that your human self craves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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