Daily Message ~ Monday June 24, 2013

We have spoken about using the one word affirmation for energetic adjustment before, which is simply saying the word that best matches how you would like to feel. For example, if you are feeling weak, you could simply say “strong” to yourself and it would adjust your energy, immediately, to help you feel strong. The one word affirmation offers instantaneous support.

Today we would like to discuss using the one word affirmation as a manifestation tool. Think of what you would like to create for yourself. Find the word that best matches it, for example, love. Try the word on by saying it to yourself. Does it feel good? Wonderful, then by repeating it to yourself you will be supporting that energy within and by the law of attraction, you will draw more of the same to you.

Does it make you feel uncomfortable? That discomfort is letting you know that you have an energetic blockage to what you wish to create for yourself, be it a fear, and old belief system, worthiness issues, etc. You will feel it sit in your body, usually in your abdominal area. Imagine that resistance moving up and out of your body, or, if you like, you can ask your angels and helpers to assist you in releasing it. Keep repeating until you can say the word that represents what you wish to create for yourself and feel it rest comfortably in your body.

This is a powerful tool for you because it takes the stress out of the wording. It allows you to embrace the pure essence of the energies you wish to experience more of, and in turn, will turn you into an energetic beacon that will draw more of those very energies to manifest in your reality. It is simple and extremely effective. ~Archangel Gabriel

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