Daily Message ~ Monday June 3, 2013

Many human beings of light have led very solitary existences for quite some time, needing to retreat into their own space in order to stay energetically comfortable. Many had come to a point where the entire world felt very discordant to them.

Dear Ones, you will be happy to know that, for many of you, that phase is now coming to an end. Your soul groups are now moving into a connecting and reuniting phase. This will be a welcome change, and for some of you, connecting in such a deep and meaningful way may take some getting used to after your long period of isolation. You may feel like a butterfly just emerging from its cocoon, where everything is new and bright and different, feeling somewhat fragile and unsure.

Fear not, you have not lost your ability to love and connect! Quite the contrary, once you accept moving back into contact in a physical, tangible way with your kindred souls, you will be experiencing connections on such a deep soul level, it will feel like Home. This is another glorious phase to look forward to that comes with the energies of the New Earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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