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Daily Message ~ Monday March 19, 2018

We wish to explain to you the mechanics of how surrender works. When you surrender, you are choosing to shift into empowered movement. Your act of surrender gives permission to your team of helpers to start to actively assist you. It is stepping out of separation into the whole. Surrender is a sacred act, and there is great rejoicing, both on a soul level and also from the universe when it happens, for you are choosing empowerment, inclusion, and a higher vibrational navigation system that can move you forward in your life expression in the most remarkable ways.

So what can often occur is shortly after you surrender is you find yourself coming up against what you perceive to be your biggest obstacle. This does not mean that it is not working! In fact, it is telling you that you are ready to move through that blockage with the most assistance possible in new ways that you may not have been aware of. This is your divine guidance leading you around, over, or through this challenge so you can move beyond it once and for all.

This is where most people panic and think surrender doesn’t work, so they move back into resistance, creating a space of considerable discomfort for themselves. This amounts to staying behind your blockage, bumping into it continually, which only adds to how uncomfortable you are. Discomfort only occurs in order to get you to redirect. When circumstances become too uncomfortable, people surrender, which brings the change your soul is seeking.

So if you surrender and find things momentarily taking you to the very thing you are trying to avoid or heal beyond, please understand you are being guided and supported to move beyond it in a brand new way. This is a critical time to stay in surrender. Activate your faith and trust. Know you are being supported and led to solutions you could not have known about on your own. If you can stay in the surrendered space you will navigate beyond it once and for all into the full potentials that exist beyond that challenge.

Surrender will never take you anywhere worse. It may feel like there is a worsening of circumstances but it will be temporary and is necessary for true forward movement to occur.

Understand that just as a water droplet that wishes to move downstream can only do so by flowing over or around a boulder, you are being assisted in moving beyond what is in the way so you can truly start to experience empowered forward movement. You are loved and supported through it all, and the direction your surrender takes always has purpose and is serving your highest good. Your job is to trust long enough for the magic to happen. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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