Daily Message ~ Monday March 2, 2015

There is a tremendous joy that comes from being of simple service. You do not need to wait to have a lot of money or to develop special skills to able to step into service. Far from it! A smile, a hug, a kindness, or simply being available to help, however it presents, can make a tremendous difference.

Surrendering your day to your highest service automatically shifts you into a beautiful energy and flow. There is no special ritual or rite needed, simply surrender with intention and then proceed with your regular activities. You may find people approach and ask you questions. You may run into someone you haven’t seen in ages who is in need of a word of encouragement. You may simply be leaving a trail of light everywhere you go. But make no mistake about it, there is a lovely peace and joy that comes from knowing you are completely available as an willing instrument for the universe to work through.

If no obvious opportunities arise, simply know that holding your own highest vibration was your wonderful contribution to the whole. However your day unfolds, you can, with complete certainty, consider it a job well done, if you approached it with heartfelt surrender and intention. ~Archangel Gabriel

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