Daily Message ~ Monday March 25, 2013

Let us suppose that there is a trap door in the ceiling of your reality. On the other side of that door exists everything you wish to create for yourself. You have been so busy focusing on what you wish to create, the trap door is straining under the weight and you can just feel it’s about to let go and all those wonderful things will come pouring into your life experience.

But then you start to doubt. What if it’s not going to come through? What if it never comes through? What if you got it wrong? What if it’s not what you really want at all? And you notice immediately that the trap door isn’t straining at all anymore. You have shifted out of that alignment and things don’t feel imminent at all anymore.

So you concentrate on what you really want, and the trap door is heavy with the weight of your creations once more. Then, you think, I really do want all those experiences. One day it will happen. And you notice that nothing shifts at all, the trap door stays there, heavy with your desires, with no movement at all.

Until finally you decide, I am ready! I accept all those wonderful things and experiences. I can feel them now, and I am so grateful for ALL of it! I claim my creations, right now, with joy and appreciation. And voila! All your heartfelt dreams and desires come rushing through into your life expression.

You can create as quickly or as slowly as you want, Dear Ones, by your focused thoughts, acceptance and gratitude. If things are not happening as quickly as you might like, clarify your intention, surrender to the universe, release any worthiness issues you may have, and utilize the powerful tool of imagination to experience your desired reality, with gratitude and appreciation, as if it already exists in your Now. To do so creates the exact energetic match for it to magnetize and anchor into your reality. ~Archangel Gabriel

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