Daily Message ~ Monday May 13, 2013

Think of the one area of your life you would most like to experience improvement with. Then ask yourself how much gratitude you are applying to that area. Frequently, the area that is most problematic is the area you have the least gratitude for, the area where you have fallen into only seeing what is wrong. You cannot create better from that space, Dear Ones! The magic of gratitude is that it is a much higher vibrational alignment than worry or troubleshooting mode. Gratitude allows you to experience appreciation for what you have created that is a match for your desires, and sets you up for far greater further creation. Treat it like an experiment. Start to infuse the area of your life you would most like to improve with gratitude and see what happens. You will be astounded by how quickly the energy shifts responds and how quickly improvement will come. We are not talking about pouring months of gratitude into something until you see results. The energies are so instantaneous at this point, you can see vast improvement very, very quickly. The only thing you have to lose by trying, Dear Ones, is the illusion of powerlessness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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