Daily Message ~ Monday May 26, 2014

Dear Ones, we understand that when something undesirable happens to you, you become very committed to never letting that thing ever happen to you again. Because of that commitment, many of you end up being on high alert watching out for that very thing. Please know whether you are living it, or watching out to make sure you never live it again, you are still immersed in the energy of what you do not want.

Many of you worry that if you drop your guard it will happen again. Let us assure you, you cannot create what you want from the space of what you do not want. It cannot be done. Leave the past behind and focus on a bright, shiny future that matches what you wish to experience! Trust the universe to lead the way. If there is something you need to address, when you are co-creating with the universe, it will be sure to bring it to your attention. If you understand your focus is a powerful magnifier, why not use it to amplify all the wonderful things you want and truly deserve? ~Archangel Gabriel

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