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Daily Message ~ Monday November 18, 2019

Every single energetic shift you go through creates a rebirth of sorts – it is you showing up in an energetic space, a blank slate if you will, that you have not experienced before. This not only creates new opportunities for you to choose how you would like to express yourself from this space, it also opens up new potentials and possibilities to be discovered. It can come, initially, with a feeling of being ungrounded, raw, or more energetically sensitive. This is normal and a common symptom of integrating new energy.

If you could see each day, each energetic influx, each shift as a gift filled with wonder and magic just waiting to be explored, you would find so much more joy in the process. These are incredible times, Dear Ones, made possible by your consistent efforts. Know you are both the creator and the experiencer of it all, and that you are doing a remarkable job pioneering into the new just by being authentically you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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