Daily Message ~ Monday November 25, 2013

Dear Ones, let us suppose you have a control panel in front of you that helps you navigate to your heart’s desires. Would you keep pushing the pause button? Or would you want to keep in motion until everything came to fruition?

It seems silly to think anyone would push pause when they were on their way to love, to healing, to joy, to empowered living and creation. Yet you do this, time and again, every single time you fall into doubt. Allowing doubt to creep in and make you second guess your deepest longings and highest creations is simply allowing your ego self to press pause and stall your progress.

We cannot emphasize enough how important surrender, flow and intention are to living the life of your dreams. Align. Dream. Stay in that heavenly motion that holds all the magic. Know the life of your dreams is just waiting for you to stay in trust, faith and open acceptance long enough for the universe to deliver it all to you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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