Daily Message ~ Monday November 26, 2012

When you use the GPS on your vehicle, you set your intention on where you wish to go and then you surrender to it, allowing it to lead you. You trust that it will get you there, and that it will take you the most direct way possible. You do not fall into doubt. You don’t sit in your vehicle, refusing to move because it might be wrong. You don’t agonize about whether it is taking you in the right direction. You don’t hear it telling you to turn right and then decide to turn left instead. You simply trust and you get where you wish to be in record time. Dear Ones, don’t you see, the same is with your internal guidance system? Set your intention where you would like to go, surrender, and know that you will be guided to exactly where you would like to be, in the most direct way possible, if you just trust and stay in the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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