Daily Message ~ Monday November 4, 2013

Humans will sometimes react to situations in a way that we find curious. People misuse something and rather than making it the responsibility of the person and their actions, they reject the thing. Let us give you an example. People fall in love, and someone does something to hurt them, so they blame love and shy away from it. People misuse money so they say money is the root of all evil, and start to deny its usefulness in their lives. Someone twists religious teachings in a way you don’t like so you deny all spirituality. Dear Ones, if someone didn’t cook something properly and it made you sick would you deny all food? Do you see? It is not the thing you have the issue with, it is the fact that it was misused in a way that did not honour you. Looking for the traits of integrity, transparency and truth in all of your dealings will allow you to move forward with far greater confidence and make decisions based on each individual case and whether it is a match that honours you or not. This is a far wiser approach than simply denying all of something due to the actions of a human who was not in their highest alignment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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