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Daily Message ~ Monday November 8, 2021

Many enlightening human beings have trouble receiving because they are more comfortable with serving others. Others struggle to receive because they feel they are not worthy or haven’t done enough. Some are still carrying the idea that martyred service without receiving for themselves is noble. Others may have had abusive backgrounds where their needs were not met and it doesn’t feel safe or natural to receive.

We realize we can tell you over and again that it is an abundant universe and that abundance is your birthright, but if you have trouble in allowing yourself to receive that won’t make much of a difference. If you struggle with having enough, it is your belief systems and energetic habits that we outlined above that are likely holding you separate from all that exists for you.

So we would like to present a new idea to you that might make it easier for you to finally give yourself permission to receive. You likely believe that it is a fair and just universe. So would you open yourself to the idea of receiving energetic restitution for the many times, in this lifetime and others, where you gave and gave with nothing in return? Where you were treated unfairly or taken advantage of? Where you were unseen or unrecognized for your considerable efforts and your innate goodness?

You all have long, storied histories of giving. You have given from your heart and through your service time and again throughout the ages. If you can’t allow yourself to receive for no reason, can you allow yourself to receive if it is fair and just compensation for all you have done and all you continue to do?

As you make the profound shift from martyred service to joyful, supported service it will come with a much fairer flow of abundance because you will finally be willing to receive. Open your hearts and your lives to the full support that is due to you, Dear Ones, and join the flow of abundance that has always existed for you but you simply didn’t feel it safe or appropriate to receive. It is time to allow yourself to move into inclusion and to finally say yes to what has always been yours. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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