Daily Message ~ Monday October 21, 2013

Many enlightening human beings are here to make a difference and are very kind, caring, loving, empathic souls. Since they are devoted to service, they often are very good at giving, which feels natural to them, but struggle at receiving. You could say their “givers” are set on high and their “receivers” are set to zero. Dear Ones, it feels wonderful to give! If you will not accept anything from others, you are denying them that joy. Many helper souls get exhausted, wondering where their help is, not realizing the universe cannot deliver to them because energetically they are not accepting anything! Become a willing dance partner with the universe. Give when it feels wonderful to give. Accept when love and assistance is offered to you. By staying in that flow you are allowing the universe to work for you and through you, secure in the fact that all is divinely perfect. ~Archangel Gabriel

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