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Daily Message ~ Monday October 31, 2022

Dear Ones, if you want to find your truest matches, you must allow your truest self to shine through and lead the way. Otherwise, how on earth will they ever find you? There is nothing more awe-inspiring to behold than seeing a human being finally allowing their authenticity to light their path forward and watching how the entire universe responds in kind. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

I’m happy to announce I’ll be holding a live channeled event on Saturday November 5 at 12 pm eastern. The topic will be Navigating Challenging Times. There will be a talk where I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks and then we’ll bring Gabriel in and each participant will be able to ask one question. the cost to attend is $33 USD. If you can’t attend live, there will be a replay. I hope you’ll join us as we explore this timely topic! You can sign up here:






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