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Daily Message ~ Monday October 8, 2018

As you continue to move through these accelerated times, changing direction will be a common occurrence. For every shift you experience, new timelines and potentials become possible, all designed to reflect your latest level of attainment. Change is your new constant, and that is a wonderful thing because change is exactly what you wish to create both for yourselves and your planet.

The key to working with these energies is to simply stay present. Make decisions one Now moment at a time. Be fluid. Understand that continual unfoldment is what is allowing the magic and wonder of these times. All you have to do is make your highest choice from where you are, assess, then make your next highest choice.

While we understand you are used to using predictability and control to create a sense of safety for yourselves, please know that this is the means of creating more comfort for yourselves than ever before because you are continually choosing what matches you, time and again, from the present where you have the most power.

Dear Ones, you can’t figure it out because it is all unprecedented. Rather than making that a frustration for yourselves, please see it for the miracle it is, because that flow is what will continue to surprise and delight and support you. It is a blessing that the mind can’t figure it out, because it will make it necessary to shift into navigating from your heart, and that is a change that will make your soul sing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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