Daily Message ~ Monday September 15, 2014

So many of you are afraid to ask for help. You feel that asking for help is admitting weakness, or that people will stop liking you if you have needs, yourself. We find this the strangest thing! Many of you pray for assistance and then turn it down when it shows up in the form of a friend offering a helping hand.

Accepting assistance is being part of the give and take of the universe. Many of you only like to give and have tremendous trouble taking. May we point out that you give because it feels wonderful? To not accept from others is to deny them the pleasure that comes from giving.

Enter into the flow, Dear Ones. Give when it is appropriate, but also find balance by accepting help, as well. Why not take it one step further than that? Why not clearly ask for help when you need it, too? Speak your truth! Step out of the pattern of denying help and then feeling resentful when you become overwhelmed. It is unfair to others to expect them to always anticipate your needs.

If you are always truthfully communicating what you need, you take all the guesswork out of things and make it far more easy to have your needs met. Balanced truthfulness, combined with flow and acceptance will move everyone beyond the old saviour/victim/martyr paradigms that have not served anyone for a very long time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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