Daily Message ~ Monday September 22, 2014

What doting, loving practice do you have for yourself? Whether it be meditation, taking a long, hot, relaxing bath, prayer, sitting by water, walking in the woods, or whatever else it is that brings you joy, we urge you to give it top priority in your life.

So many humans, the moment they get busy, sacrifice their own time first. Sadly, by giving up the one thing that supports your wellness and balance, you are taking the first step to becoming completely out of balance. Do you see? It is like you are saying, “Oh, things are getting more demanding! I know what I’ll do! I will give up the one thing that helps me meet those demands in a healthy manner.” It amounts to a someone deciding they’d like to run a marathon and then immediately beginning a fast.

Meditation and good self care do not have to take a tremendous amount of your time, but we urge you to make it sacred time because it creates the foundation that supports everything else you wish to experience and create. ~Archangel Gabriel

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