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Daily Message ~ Monday September 26, 2022

We realize it can feel overwhelming during times of energetic intensity. We also realize that it may feel as if it has been intense more than it has been calm for the past several years of your linear time. What we want you to understand is there is purpose to all of it.

When things get churned up it allows you to see what is a match to you and what is not. When things get noisy it points you to the stillness within. When things are unknown you start to navigate one now moment at a time. All of this will adds to clarity about your own life and path.

And let us assure you, when the energies settle as they always do, and you emerge from choppy waters into a smoother, fast forward moving flow with your well honed clarity and skills, you will realize how far you have come and what new wondrous possibilities have become fully open to you from staying the course. Trust the process and your own divine capabilities, Dear Ones, for you are navigating it all far more adeptly than you realize. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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