Daily Message ~ Monday September 29, 2014

We have introduced the idea of your focus being your blessing. This is why your time, your fully present attention, is so very important to all of your loved ones. Your focus is considered your blessing, your endorsement, your agreement, your desire to continue. This explains why children will misbehave to receive your focus, even if it seems to be “negative” attention. They understand that where you place your focus is your way of saying you are choosing to keep the object of your attention. Receiving your attention shows you still love them and wish to continue your relationship with them, which soothes their insecurity. Regardless of the energy behind it, it is your focus they are seeking because they know with your focus comes your blessing. This explains why positive reinforcement is such an effective tool with your children. It gives your energetic blessing, the reassurance of the continuation of the relationship, before the need for acting out occurs. ~Archangel Gabriel

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