Daily Message ~ Monday September 9, 2013

Many human beings put incredible pressure on themselves to reach perfection. If they can just look perfect, if they can just behave perfectly, if they can meditate perfectly, if they can do their job perfectly, do their hobbies perfectly, then it stands to reason that their lives will be perfect. This is the strangest belief system to us, because in your quest for perfection you are missing out on the crucial fact that you are already divine perfection, exactly as you are.

Perfectionism is one of the favourite tools the lower self uses to keep humans contained in one place, distracted and spinning their wheels. It has successfully blocked the release of many, many, truly great bodies of work. You see, your creations, your greatest gifts, are often born from an initial connection with Source. They flow through in that beautiful energetic space of connectedness. They are pure and they are magnificent. It is then, often, that the ego self, the part of you that wishes to keep you small, immediately starts to critique it, to make you doubt it, because it is incredibly threatened by such perfection. Do you see? Your ego stalls your progress by making you think your perfection is not perfect at all!

You are always growing, and evolving, and expressing yourselves. That is the beauty of the enlightening human being. As you move forward in your process, many inspired ideas will come to you, and through you. Trust in the flow, in your creations, in your connectedness with Source, to know that these divine inspirations are meant to be shared with the world. Even if they are not what you would consider letter perfect, they are energetically pure, and that is what makes your initial creations so breathtakingly beautiful, exactly as they are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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