Daily Message ~ Saturday August 11, 2012

Many wonderful souls see that change needs to occur in a certain area and decide to assist with that change. Before you know it, they are filled with judgment for those who do not support their views, and are exhausted by a fight that gets nowhere. While their hearts are very much in the right place, they try to affect change using the very energies that created the imbalance in the first place. True change, authentic change, comes from recognizing what is not in alignment with who you really are and actively holding the energy you want more of. You cannot force your point of view on others nor can you create change by focusing on what you do not want. It simply cannot be done. True change comes from each individual in the collective embodying their highest alignment until the energies shift to the point where the old ways are simply no longer supported. Anchoring the change you wish to see is mindful activism and that is exactly how the enlightening human being will create the New Earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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