Daily Message ~ Saturday August 22, 2015

Have you ever thought to communicate with your body? Have you ever stopped to ask your body what it needs? It is such a simple thing to do! Your body is naturally always going to try to find its way to wellness. It is the expert of itself. We urge you to stop, be quiet, and simply ask your body what it needs right now to thrive. Start to listen to it in all ways. Rest if you are tired. Move if you are energized. If it has a craving for a certain food, let it have it, knowing there is a nutrient in that food that is required. Hydrate it. Love and nurture it!

Have you ever stopped and thanked your body for all that it does for you? Have you ever focused on all of its incredible systems that work automatically your entire life without you having to think about it at all? Have you thanked your cells? Have you thanked your body for being such a wonderful house for your soul? Have you honoured it for allowing you to enter and fully enjoy the realm of experience? So many of you are focused on every ache and pain and never think to celebrate the wonder of the body that serves you tirelessly. Shift your health by appreciating all the systems that are working perfectly for you!

Your body is an integral part of your experience as a human being. It is time to love it unconditionally and honour it for the incredible ways it so lovingly serves you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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