Daily Message ~ Saturday August 30, 2014

Many enlightening human beings have led rather solitary existences as part of their awakening process. There was a need to withdraw in order to create the environment necessary for growth, energetic adjustment and healing. Retreating was creating the safe space required to evolve beyond the old wounds and stories. Now those same people have reached a time where they are now able to emerge again, in a far more authentic way, healed and balanced to the point where they would not accept or draw behaviour that is unloving or abusive.

Do you see? Your own healing and balance needed to be nurtured first before you could go forth and embody that state of actuation beyond your own environment. This is the natural progression of your efforts, Dear Ones. As the first wave steps back out again, holding completely different energies than when they began, the second wave will start their withdrawal process, and so it goes. Some humans are in a stage of cocooning, while others are in a stage of emergence. It is the wonderful unfolding of self discovery, in different phases, that is part of the amazing shift you are all part of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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