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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 11, 2021

If someone is kind to you, do you think it is because of you? Did you cause them to do it? No, you simply see it as them showing you who they are and how they wished to express themselves in that moment. You think, oh, how lovely and appreciate them and their kindness. So we wish to ask you, why then, if someone is unkind to you, do you make it about you?

On the other side of things, if you are having a bad day and are out of balance and act out in a way that is unkind to another, do you think it is because there is something about them that made it happen? Do you think you were serving their growth and evolution through your unkindness? Do you think your reactivity was healing for them? Of course not! You look at yourself, assume responsibility, apologize, and look at ways you can shift within yourself to avoid it happening in the future.

There is absolutely such a thing as mirroring, but that will usually show up as a core theme that loops around into your awareness time and again in order to get your attention and point you in the direction of your healing. In times of accelerated energies people who are out of balance or in deep discomfort will act out because they do not know what else to do. It has nothing at all to do with who you are or your level of soul attainment.

The enlightenment journey is ultimately one of self responsibility, honouring your own evolution and choosing how you wish to show up for others. It is not about taking responsibility for the actions of others. So if someone is unkind to you, we urge you to simply see it as an expression of where that person was operating from that day. There is no need to add to your discomfort by making yourself responsible for it, as well. The vast majority of the time, the person’s behaviour towards you was based on where they are energetically, and is not about you at all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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