Daily Message ~ Saturday December 14, 2013

Dear Ones, giving from the heart is one of the most joyous experiences you can have as a human. Giving from the heart, meaning with no expectation of anything in return, is pure love in action. It is tapping into the energy of Source and sharing that alignment. It is being of service, and wanting to make a difference to someone from the purest heart space. When you tap into that endless wellspring of unconditional love, you can’t help but feel wonderful! It connects us all, it uplifts, it encourages, it embraces, it shines, it holds every single high vibrating energy you can think of. So, Dear Ones, this holiday season and beyond, understand that giving from the heart is one of the best gifts you can give to unite, connect and truly rejoice in the energies of this season of peace, love, joy and appreciation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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