Daily Message ~ Saturday February 1, 2014

To wake up and surrender to the highest outcome is a wonderful way to start every day. Practicing gratitude before you go to sleep is a wonderful and powerful way to end every day. We understand that many enlightening human beings do this as they are learning how to navigate their lives with far greater grace and ease. But we would like to suggest one more thing. If you have had troubles with self love or worthiness issues, we highly recommend you add in a third element. We encourage you, at the end of your day, to acknowledge all the wonderful ways you added to the world.

Let us be clear, if all you can come up with is that you woke up and faced the day, you still added delightfully to the marvellous mosaic of energies that are your planet. But as you practice, you will start to find more things about yourself to celebrate. Perhaps you called a friend in need, helped a neighbour, made a donation to a charity, shared your time. Maybe you were kind to your pets, cared for your family, or created something beautiful, read some books or meditated to raise your vibration, which would, in turn, also assist the planet. You might have purchased something, which supported someone else being in their highest service.

Do you see? As you start to acknowledge all the wonderful ways you are you, you will start to love and honour yourself, and that, along with your surrender and gratitude practices, is more than enough to change your life in the most delightful and meaningful ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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