Daily Message ~ Saturday January 28, 2017


Think of a time in your life when things worked out beautifully – so seamlessly that it felt like magic. That is the feel of the universe serving you for your highest good while you are in a space of complete acceptance of that supportive flow. It may have felt like having the day where everything fell into place in the most wonderful ways, or something more specific where the universe aligned perfectly to intersect you with your next great love, or some other perfect match.

Dear Ones, if you had that experience once you can have it again! As you ponder how on earth things could possibly come together to create your next big dream, remember that from the expanded viewpoint of the universe it is easy to bring together elements that you are not even aware of. The most important elements are your trust and non-resistance, which allow you to be moved with ease into the right time/right place scenarios your soul yearns for. ~Archangel Gabriel

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