Daily Message ~ Saturday January 30, 2021

Many of you are having healing opportunities coming up for you concerning old hurts or mistreatment. This is a wonderful sign that you are ready to process that wound and release it, once and for all.

There is a pervasive belief that says that you must have closure from a person who hurt you in order to move on. This is a faulty belief, as it would put your healing in the hands of another. If a person was operating from a space that was hurtful to you in the first place, it is highly unlikely they will suddenly be able to offer any kind of healing or closure to you, not because they don’t want to but because they simply don’t have it to give. What is more likely is that you will be disappointed or wounded again because they haven’t yet evolved to a space that can give you what you are looking for.

Putting off your own healing waiting to be seen and acknowledged by the one who hurt you is a great disservice to yourself. We wish for you to understand that your healing does not come from there, and waiting for it to come from a source that doesn’t have it to give only keeps you stalled on your own healing journey.

You have everything you need to give yourself the peace and closure you need within yourself. Connect with the part of yourself that has been hurt. What does that part of you need? Acknowledgment? Kindness? Compassion? Acceptance? To be valued for your contributions and efforts? Sit and give that part of you every last thing they need. Then open your arms and welcome that part of you into your heart with your unconditional love and tender care, assuring them you will never allow them to be hurt in such a way again.

Dear Ones, that is exactly how you take back the reins of your own healing. You do not need the other person to finally get it. You could potentially wait lifetimes for that to occur. Drop the rope that keeps you tethered to the one who hurt you and prepare to move forward, unencumbered, whole and healthy, into your next great adventure, knowing your inner wise one is always there to give you exactly what you need, whenever you need it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

TWO DAYS LEFT Hey everyone! Every January I like to offer a course on sale that I feel best supports what we need moving into a new year. This year I feel the ideal offering is my latest course, Making Room For Miracles. You can see the full course description below. I’m happy to offer it for $97 USD (that’s $52 off the regular price) if you purchase off the website www.trinityesoterics.com and use the coupon code MIRACLES2021. If you would like any more information, please email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com. Here’s to a new year filled with all kinds of miraculous creations! xo

Making Room For Miracles

During particularly intense energetic times when everything is completely churned up, it can be very difficult to know how to proceed. So many of us have been in a space of not knowing what to do or where to go next. We are clear about what we don’t want, but haven’t quite connected into what our next highest potentials are. More than ever we are aware of the calling to make a giant leap forward beyond the chaos that is playing out around us. So what do we do when we have no idea which way to go, all we know for sure is that what is happening is not working for us? We make room for miraculous solutions to lead us into the new. This course is designed to help you do just that.

The content of this course is based on information Archangel Gabriel has provided me about how to move forward in the most beautiful and empowered ways. Each class features a lecture portion exploring different processes to help you make room for miracles. The class then wraps up with a guided meditation to help you experience the class content in a way that is pertinent and personal to you. This is a series of 5 mp3’s, each one approximately half an hour long, that you work through at your own pace, and can refer back to any time you feel you could use a little extra support.

Class One – What are miracles and how do I get one?
In this class we explore:
What miracles are
How to open yourself up to miracles in your own life
Who to ask
How to know if you are worthy of a miracle (hint: everyone is!)
Practical: Meditation to request your own miracle.

Class Two – The Divine Combination
In this class we explore:
What the divine combination is
Navigating through the Divine Combination
Practical: Guided meditation to experience the core elements of the Divine Combination in the way that is perfect for you. 

Class Three – Making Room
In this class we explore:
Common ways we get in our own way.
Disempowering belief systems
Negative focus
Fear and doubt
Worthiness issues
Not being willing to receive
Control issues/micro-managing
Old energy habits
How to move forward
Practical: Guided meditation to see and release any old stuff that is taking up space.

Class Four – Holding The Space
In this class we explore:
How to hold the space long enough for miracles to happen
What to do when it seems like nothing is happening
How do you know if you’re blocked?
Divine Timing
Successfully holding the space
Practical: Meditation to experience the gifts of spaciousness and how holding the space is how you use your free will to stay in receiving mode.

Class Five – Receiving Miracles and Pioneering Miracles on the Planet
In this class we explore:
Receiving miracles
How to believe in miracles when the world is in such disarray
Pioneering miracles for the planet
Moving forward
Practical: Guided meditation to create an energy container that supports the highest potentials for you, humanity, and the planet and experience joyful, supported service.


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