Daily Message ~ Saturday January 4, 2014

If you are done your meal at a restaurant and the server comes to remove your plate, you don’t cling with all your might to the plate and the scraps of food that might be leftover. You let it go, knowing its purpose is done for the moment and trust that you will have another serving of food, whenever it is perfect for you, in the future. You don’t worry that if the server takes your plate you will forget how to eat. That would seem somewhat ridiculous, would it not?

The same is with your experiences. You don’t need to hang onto every wound, every perceived mistake, so that you remember not to do it again. Let it go, Dear Ones! You have already ingested the experience and any benefit it had for you. No need to keep stale memories around, souring your energetics. Your reality is in the Now, and you will continue to experience exactly what you need in each Now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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