Daily Message ~ Saturday July 11, 2020

Flow is a state of non-resistance, of being in the heart, of fully accepting both stillness and movement, whichever is being supported at any given time. It is allowing your beingness to lead the way. It is replacing struggle with faith, trust, comfort, and support.

If you are uncomfortable, explore what you are resistant to. Is it the now moment? What if it is serving you in some way? Is it the future? The past? Yourself? How can you move into non-resistance, and then into acceptance?

Use your body as an indicator. You will feel a lot of tension in your body when you are in resistance. What allows that tension to diminish? Make it your mission to find ways that work for you. How can you get out of your mind and into your heart?

It may be finding an activity you like. It may be prayer. It may be meditation. It may be nature. It may be exploring or trying new things. Experiment.

Shifting from resistance to non-resistance is the first step towards greater comfort because it opens the door for the possibility of movement. The next step is accepting and allowing the flow. From that space you become more open to receiving the guidance and support that exists for you which deepens your presence and gratitude.

From there you will find peace with where you are because you know the flow only supports and serves you. And that, Dear Ones, is the sweet spot you wish to create from because from an energetic standpoint it is all systems go for the unfoldment of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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