Daily Message ~ Saturday July 27, 2013

Enlightening human beings are so wonderfully mindful. They are often concerned whether the decisions they make are empowering and their highest choice. Let us give you some simple ways to be sure. Are you in a state of surrender and flow? Surrender and flow are states the ego self, the part that seeks to keep you small, cannot operate in, as the ego only works through contraction and control. Have you made your decision from an empowered space, from a place of calm BEingness? If your ego is leading the way, it rarely feels peaceful, but often feels pressured, worried and fearful. Finally, your highest creations come together with grace and ease, and are on the path of least resistance. If what you are trying to accomplish requires monumental effort with minimal gain, you are not in a space that is being energetically supported, which means it is not for your highest good. Do you see? Grace and ease, surrender and flow, are the traits of the New Earth creations. ~Archangel Gabriel

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