Daily Message ~ Saturday June 15, 2013

Have you ever stopped to consider what an amazing feat of engineering your physical body is? It serves you, faithfully, every cell of it, from the moment you draw your first breath throughout your entire incarnation, despite the toxicity of your environment and the negative self thoughts you expose it to. It allows you to experience your soul’s desires. It gives you energetic feedback, it helps keep you safe with its built-in warning systems, it continually regenerates and adapts. Look at how intelligent it is! You are walking miracles, each and every one of you. Perhaps today, rather than pick on your body for being less than pleasing to you in some inconsequential way, you will celebrate it and find new ways to love it back. And again, Dear Ones, when you practice self love and appreciation, you only get more back in return. It is a system of upliftment that never fails. So rejoice in your body, in being incarnate on your planet. There is much still that you wish to create and experience! ~Archangel Gabriel

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