Daily Message – Saturday June 16

Having an attachment to an outcome is frequently where people get stuck and can fall into the illusion that things are wrong. Healers become attached to what healing should look like for their clients. People get invested in what their relationship should look like. Parents start planning futures for their children before they even know what their true interests may be. Teachers become attached to what the students do with their lessons on their own time. Dear Ones, this can cause incredible frustration for no good reason! Trying to force things into a certain shape or form is stepping out of the magic of the flow and straight back into the old energies of attempting to control. By trying to constrain things, you will only create discomfort and be robbing yourself of the beauty of the flow. Trust that lovingly showing up and doing your best is more than enough and that each soul’s chosen experience, whatever it may be, is divinely perfect for them.
~Archangel Gabriel

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