Daily Message ~ Saturday June 22, 2013

Dear Ones, as you continue to move forward energetically, it is important to know what tools or practices help you move forward with ease and comfort. For example, if you know the full moon affects your sleep, you may want to plan easier activities for yourself before and after and make the time to meditate as an additional support. If you know solar flares make you feel very dehydrated, be diligent about your water intake. If the energies are in a phase that are feeling a little chaotic, you may find walking in nature helps, or immersing yourself in salt water. What helps you stay in surrender and flow? What ways are you practicing energetic clarity? It is much easier to plan ahead and have a strategy than it is to try to find comfort from a place that isn’t comfortable at all! As you move forward in this amazing year, you will find yourself navigating the energies with much greater ease and grace if you pay attention to the effects the different aspects have on you and what helps you stay in balance and movement with the least disturbance possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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