Daily Message ~ Saturday March 16, 2013

As you move forward on your enlightenment process, you will find that your body has different vibrational needs.  The very active season of solar flares you find yourself in is assisting with this process.  Each pulse of light you receive from the sun is adjusting and clearing the energetics of your body.  Due to this process, your body will begin to respond in kind, and seek our different, more supportive energies for sustenance.  You will find yourself making changes, with ease, to what you put into your body by simply paying attention to what the body is asking for or rejecting.  For example, certain foods you used to love may start to make you feel sick or be very difficult to digest. You may suddenly quit smoking or drinking or eating meat and be very successful with these changes, even if you had never been able to do so before.  Your body may also start craving foods or activities you never enjoyed before.  This is how true, permanent change is made, without struggle, because it is achieved through flow and the path of least resistance.  It is attained by simply listening to your body and following its lead.  Many humans will enjoy better and better health due to this, as this is another means for your body to fine tune itself energetically.  You may consider it vibrational health and wellness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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