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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 24, 2018

Dear Ones, do you have trouble accepting love because you fear it will come with strings attached? The core of this fear is that you will be beholden to another or be enslaved. This is based on the old model of conditional love which is a model of using love to control another. These are old energies which are looking to be released.

Understand that if you have these fears they are old experiences/energies that are looking for healing. The core of this is the idea that love means giving your power away. As power is a major theme on your planet right now, all the ways that power has been abused, misused, or misrepresented are up for review. This is a wonderful thing!

When you love with an attachment to what another may or may not do, you are still attempting to find success within a conditional love model. The love you seek exists on an entirely different vibrational layer.

Love, the unconditional love you know in your heart truly exists and is what you wish to experience, is an expression of self. It is love without attachment to outcome because you understand that the joy is in the giving of it, in the allowing of it to flow to you and through you. You know that love in its purest form is expansive, healing, supportive, and freeing.

Further, because you understand you are a being of love, you do not see it as a limited resource but rather as an abundant flow with more than enough for everyone. Because you also understand the importance of giving love to yourself, you are sated with it already. You draw to you more of what you hold. You are no longer dependant upon the wild card of what others may or may not do for your happiness. You realize that holding yourself separate is denying yourself the sustenance of your soul.

Just as you and your entire planet are evolving, so is your definition and experience of love. This is a sign of true evolution, for it is love that holds the healing you are all ready to accept and express, in order to move forward into your highest potentials. The days of giving and receiving love as currency are over. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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