Daily Message ~ Saturday March 8, 2014

A lovely practice you can pick up, starting today, is to spend some time in connection with your sun. The sun is incredibly healing and supportive to your body. It is cleansing to your energy body and holds many powers of rejuvenation. The light codes from the sun are profoundly supportive and essential to your lightbody and your enlightenment process. On every possible level: physical, emotional, and spiritual, the sun holds energies of assistance. It can be a deep and sacred practice to connect with the sun in acceptance of the many gifts it provides. Adding in the energy of gratitude will make it feel even more divine and personal. Just as plants cannot grow and thrive without the sun, just as animals know to instinctively seek out the rays of the sun to bask in, the sun is an essential ingredient to your own wellness, as a living being on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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