Daily Message – Saturday May 12

Those of the human expression just thrive on their days off and vacations. Their light gets brighter, they get more sleep to honour their bodies, they have much more fun and generally come to life. What if we told you living like that is possible for you every day? Of course we understand you cannot be on vacation every day. But all of the aspects that make vacations wonderful ARE available to you every day. Vacation time is spent in the now. It is following the path that brings the most joy. It is about nurturing the self and spending each day in excited expectation. It is about giving yourself time to simply BE. These are all of the aspects we encourage you to use every single day because those are all aspects of enlightenment! You do not need to travel far to experience the joy of vacation. Nor do you need to only experience it once a year. It is the benefits of living in the now that make your off time feel so wonderful and those can be employed and enjoyed every single day.
~Archangel Gabriel

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