Daily Message ~ Saturday May 25, 2013

Dear Ones, there is a vast difference between surrendering and giving in. Surrender is about navigating your life expression with flow, choosing your highest alignment and embracing your authentic power. Giving in means denying what the the soul really craves, often in an attempt to please another, which is giving your power away. One is empowering, the other, disempowering.

Let us be clear, you cannot be responsible for another person’s happiness. Happiness can only come from within, and you, being the expert on yourself and your own life expression, are the only person qualified to know and give yourself exactly what is required to shine in your own life expression.

Attempting to assume responsibility for another’s emotional state, or complying in order to buy another’s happiness, approval and satisfaction, is always a short lived success. It is always doomed to fail, because you simply cannot assume responsibility for another’s happiness. It will always end in disappointment and frequently resentment from both parties because it cannot be done, and is completely disempowering to all involved. We cannot emphasize this enough. Such attempts, while often well meaning, are indicators of unhealthy boundaries and being out of balance. They indicate a desire to control rather than flow.

The best way to serve your soul, others, and the planet is to stay in surrender and flow, embracing your highest alignment and authentic power, and encourage others to do the same. ~Archangel Gabriel

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