Daily Message ~ Saturday May 26, 2013

A great many enlightening human beings are accepting that surrender is a vital part of the process. But they are waiting to surrender until they know which direction they wish to go in because they fear making a mistake. Dear Ones, the whole point of surrender is to move into your highest alignment with the assistance of all your guides and helpers in the easiest, most direct way! You cannot make a mistake! The beauty of the flow is that it is a self-correcting course. It only knows how to take you to your highest good and will sweep in effortlessly, regardless of which direction you are pointing, to take you there. Surrender is deciding to get out of your own way. Waiting to figure out how to get out of your own way to use a tool that helps you get out of your own way doesn’t make much sense now, does it? Surrender! Take that grand leap into the unknown as a complete and awesome commitment to your greatest good and highest life expression then allow the magic and wisdom of the universe to take care of the rest. ~Archangel Gabriel

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