Daily Message ~ Saturday May 4, 2013

Your guides and helpers are wonderful examples of unconditional love. They are consistently there for you and there is nothing you could ever do that would sever that relationship or make them not feel the same way about you. They come from that very consistent, very constant platform of complete acceptance and support. There is no judgement for your actions. They celebrate your victories and support you through your harder times. They honour your free will, always, and lead through subtle bumps and nudges and synchronicities and will only step forward in a more powerful way when asked for their assistance. Dear Ones, have you ever considered that approach with your loved ones and with yourselves, as well? It is a model that supports freedom of expression, acceptance and allowing, growth and experience. Because there is no judgment or punishment within the model, it creates a safe environment to experience growth and only supports forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel

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