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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 5, 2018

Dear Ones, we wish for you to understand that all things serve you and you are always being presented with the exact opportunities you need for your growth, healing, and expansion the moment you are ready for them.

Let us suppose you are flowing along nicely and something happens to trigger you and make you feel emotions and memories from an difficult time. Or perhaps you suddenly experience reactive emotions and have no idea what they are connected to but they come up strongly and unexpectedly.

This is not to make you feel that you are forever wounded despite the considerable work you have already done on your journey. Far from it! It is simply bringing into your awareness an aspect of yourself that is now ready to receive your love, support, and reassurance that you have grown into your own loving parent and guide because you now have the ability to give that part of you everything it needs in a safe environment.

It is letting you know that because of the work you have done this part of you is now ready to courageously step forward for your acknowledgment. It is an opportunity to integrate and reassure that part of you by demonstrating your true mastery and authentic power. It is a beautiful way to experience your own growth and divine capability by stepping forward in a new an empowered way for yourself.

Do you see? There is no need to look for what needs to be healed. If there are parts of you that need attention they will naturally come up when the timing is perfect for you to love and address them. That is willingly moving with and accepting the endless supports of the flow while honouring your own ability to be your own empowered healer. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to express yourself to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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