Daily Message – Saturday May 5

Do you hold a piece of yourself back from your creations? For example, do you try to create your heart’s desires for your life but reserve believing in it completely, just in case it doesn’t come to fruition so you won’t be disappointed? Do you believe, truly believe, that you can have true love in your life? True prosperity? A joy filled career? Perfect health? Do you believe with ALL of your being? Your deeply ingrained conditioning has trained you to always keep part of yourself back, just in case things don’t happen the way you would like. And it is that small, “just in case” part of yourself that stands between you and all your dreams coming true. The energies, right now, are incredibly supportive of letting that go once and for all. Dear Ones, don’t be afraid. You are ready to start wholeheartedly creating and living the life you wish to live. There is an entire universe filled with all of your hopes and dreams just waiting for you.
~Archangel Gabriel

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