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Daily Message ~ Saturday November 11, 2017

Dear Ones, if you ever feel like you are unsupported or alone on your journey, we suggest taking a moment to announce, “I gratefully accept all the help and support that is available to me.”

This is a wonderful affirmation because it activates your team of helpers by giving them permission to assist. It also clearly shows your intention to receive help in the many ways it can arrive, and to shift beyond where you are into a better feeling, supported space. The gratitude acts as an energetic anchor to what is desired. It is a profoundly empowered act of moving out of separation into being led by Source with faith, trust, surrender, and acceptance.

If you say the affirmation and feel resistance to it, we would suggest you take the time to look at why you have trouble accepting help. Do you only feel comfortable when you are giving? Why does receiving feel uncomfortable to you? Can you start to see if you reject help from others you are denying them the joy of giving and being of service to you? Can you start to move into a more balanced flow of both giving and receiving? Can you see how if you are well supported you will be even better able to serve others?

You don’t have to go through elaborate rituals to make changes in your life. Heartfelt declarations such as affirmations that are worded in ways that feel energetically good to you and match your intentions are powerful declarations of self. That is a tool you can use, whenever you like, to shift yourself with all the support of a universe that adores you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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